Nora Hegedüs is a Franco-Hungarian photographer and director who graduated from the French Louis-Lumière college. Practicing staged photography, she shows deep interest in social issues, especially in issues concerning women’s status. She has been working on interaction between photography, video and music for a while and she regularly cooperates with musicians.


RED // PSA Video campaign against sexual assault on women, 2015

Vanitas vanitatum. // Art video, 2015

Wieder zu Staub // Music video for MelanoBoy, 2015

PORNOTYPES // Art video, 2014

CoExistence // PSA Video campaign for Fondation Scelles (Best Photo Price for the whole project), 2014



Awareness Film Festival / Screening
Regal Cinema’s LA LIVE, Los Angeles,USA, October 2016

Golden Door International Film Festival / Screening
Loew’s Jersey Theater, Jersey City, USA, September 2016

Women Deliver (Arts and Cinema corner) / Screening
Women Deliver, Denmark, May 2016

KoronisFest / Screening
University of Alabama, USA, April 2016

Los Angeles CineFest / Screening
Online festival, USA, February 2016

Texas Ultimate Shorts / Screening
Online festival, USA, January 2016

SPFW Indie Film Festival / Screening
Online festival, Switzerland, December 2015

CA IT Awards / Screening
SIA NY Gallery, New York, USA, December 2015

Ephemeral Film Festival / Screening
Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, USA, December 2015

XIII Nox / Screening
Le Point éphémère, Paris, France, November 2014

Les promenades photographiques de Vendôme / Exhibition
Quartier Rochambeau, Vendôme, France, June 2014

OpenShow Paris #8 – Les Nuits Photographiques / Screening
Pavillon Carré de Baudoin, Paris, France, June 2013

Slideluck Potshow Paris II / Screening
Le BAL, Paris, France, June 2011

Fotograf 15 / Exhibition
Paris City Hall, France, October 2009



Winner Live Action category, 3rd place, KoronisFest, USA, 2016

Best Photo, Fondation Scelles, France, 2014

Photoservice.com Price, Photoservice, France, 2009