Le Genre idéal

This series deals with the relationship between men and women, sometimes characterized by rivalry or violence. It also questions the codes that rule our perceptions of genre, which can lead to sexism.

Indeed, the characters’ genres are inverted thanks to styling and make up. These fictional couples seem to be happy, however little details, such as a dominant gesture or a bruise, stain the supposed bliss.

Visually, the series is inspired by the imagery of late 19th century wedding pictures. This is in contradiction with the underlying violence of the pictures, which aims to underline the absurdity of sexism, whoever it comes from.

Models : Hellequine d’Olt, Camille Leboë, Cindy Kashen, Pierre-Antoine Deborde, Marie Combeau, Thomas Disint, Amandine Judith, Romain Merle, Léa Éludoéth, Marie-Ange Clémenceau, Hugo Clémenceau / MUAHs : Sarah Agguini, Gwendoline Aubard, Samantha Dervin, Lily Vanita, Ève Dureau, Assya Moui / Styling: Le Gro(u)ft / Assistants: Maude Artarit, Anaëlle Raguet, Léo Morillon, William Bibet / Retouch artists: Morgan Philippe (single portraits), Nora Hegedüs (duos)
Special thanks to SLA Academy