In order to preserve the quality of the video, online screening is not available. Please contact the author for further information.

Pornotypes deals with the subject of woman as object and point at a type of sexuality that reduces women to things. It is based on stereotypes conveyed by some porn images but is also influenced by fashion, which is sometimes inspired by X-rated imagery.

A hybrid being, a mix between a doll and a woman, symbolizes the woman as object as shown by some porn images. The photographic animation is showcased with a track composed on purpose by Melanoboy.

This work has been screened in November 2014 at the Point éphémère, in Paris, during a collective exhibition entitled XIII Nox.

Assistant: Constance Asseman  / Model: Marie-Ange Clémenceau / MUAH: Ève Dureau / Music: MelanoBoy