The U.S version is available here.

This film aims to raise awareness about sexual violence against women and more particularly about rape. The psychologic trauma due to rape is symbolized by physical injuries that can be be seen on the model. A white rose that gets covered in blood little by little evokes at the same time the wounded femininity of the victims.

Inspired by beauty commercials to a certain extent, this film is based on the element of surprise which is created to impact more than just shocking images. From a distant point of view, a confusion is created between make up and wounds.

In this one minute video, still images are mixed with video in order to create breaks, to oppose the smoothness of the latest to the jolting aspect of the succession of the stills.

Main selections: Awareness Film Festival (Los Angeles / USA), Golden Door International Film Festival (Jersey City / USA), Women Deliver 2016 (Copenhagen / Denmark)

Director of Photography: Florian Samelson @ Rouchon Paris  / Assistants: Milena Le Mao @ Rouchon Paris – Charline Gentilhomme @ Rouchon Paris  / Set manager: Alexandre Arazaki / Key Cast: Léa Éludoéth / MUAH: Ève Dureau / Location: Rouchon Paris / Lighting equipment: RVZ / Flowers: Marceau Fleurs / Music: MelanoBoy