Vanitas vanitatum.

“Vanitas vanitatum.” (Vanity of vanities), inspired by vanitas painting and the imagery of tarot game, deals with the transition from life to death. Composed as a short visual fairy tale, it evokes the fugacity of beauty and the ineluctable and tragic aspect of ageing.

This project is also a technical exploration of what could be called « motion photography ». Indeed, the smooth succession of the photographs breathes motion into them, which aims to create an intriguing mix between still and motion picture.

Vanitas vanitatum. is the result of the collaboration of three artists : Nora Hegedüs, Samuel Lefilleul and Vincent Brunet-Moret.

Main selections: Los Angeles CineFest (Los Angeles / USA), CA IT Awards (New York / USA)

Assistants: Ewelina Swietochowska @ Rouchon Paris – Maxime Reynaud @ Rouchon Paris – Constance Asseman (ex-voto shooting) / Stylist: Alexandre Tillier / Ex-Voto customization: Nora Hegedüs on a base designed by Sandra Evertson / Model: Aurélie Rose / MUAH: Ève Dureau / Location: Rouchon Paris /  Music: Samuel Lefilleul & Vincent Brunet-Moret – Richard Kilner (mixing)