This music video was created for “Wieder zu Staub”, the leading track of the album “From Dust” (@Unknown Pleasures Records). It is inspired by the imagery of the “Day of the Dead” and surrealist experiments. It is also based on the opposition between life and death, motion and stillness, positive and negative images in a hypnotic and shady atmosphere that suits the song.

“From Dust” is the first album of the musician MelanoBoy. The coldwave music he composes is influenced by the work of artists like Depeche Mode, the Canadian Psyche, the French Trisomie 21 or even Indochine.

 Set manager: Alexandre Arazaki / Key Cast: E.P / MUAH: Ève Dureau  / Lighting equipment: Photorent  / Skull creation: Marie-Pascale Gautheron / Music: MelanoBoy